Pic‘n Seek  - was released on December 20th, 2013.

A sweet game for children under three

There are a number of engaging, entertaining, and educational games available for young children that can be played on the iPhone or iPad. Pick ‘n Seek is one such game. In this game, your child will be in the driver’s seat, and play hide & seek with his or her very own personalized character, all the while developing memory, identification skills, imagination, as well as vocabulary.

30 iPad Apps for Early Childhood Education

Being a child is hard. The world is new, and there are a lot of things to learn. And re-learn when we get it wrong. As we grow, sounds turn into words, words gain meaning. 

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Pick’n Seek』は誰もがスターになれる、子ども向け『かくれんぼゲーム』です♪ ゲームをしながら子どもたちの好奇心と想像力を刺激し、運動、記憶、語彙、認識能力を発達させます。新しい写真を撮ったりカメラロールの既存の写真を使って、親が子ども達の顔を使ってキャラクターを作ります。

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Does your child love the game of hide and seek? Well now you don’t have to hide all through the house inorder for them to enjoy it. The brand new Pick ‘n Seek app for your iPodtouch, iPad, and iPhone gives kids the ability to enjoy an interactive version of the game no matter where you may be.What’s really fun is that your child is actually trying to find a personalized character that has their picture on it.

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Imagine you’re two years old playing Hide & Seek, but this time you’re searching for your own hiding place! ”Pick ‘n Seek” is an iPhone/iPad app for kids four and under, an interactive hide-and-seek game where every child becomes the star! Pick ‘n Seek puts the child at the center of the action, while stimulating curiosity and imagination, and developing his or her motor, memory, vocabulary and identification skills.

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The Pick ‘n Seek app is a fun hide-and-seek style app for kids.  With Pick ‘n Seek, your child is the star in this enchanting new interactive hide & seek game in which he or she searches for his/her own personalized character!